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Works in the Spotlight

Eden by Faded2Indie


Writers to Watch

Each week I will be featuring a few writers that I have taken a particular shine to. Some may be well known, others, more obscure. This week highlights Wacky Forms.

Wacky forms in prose and poetry add a little something extra to the work. Take a peek...down these rabbit holes.


This piece, though disjointed, really draws the eye. The lines speak of color in an interesting way. The final line makes me think there is more to the story.


The repeating of the words "the sky" in the first few lines actually enhanced the story. It brought my attention forcefully to the subject at hand and re-emphasized the main character's vision. I found it a breezy read, and yet deep in sentiment.


Inspired by the layout of E.E.Cummings, the way this poem is set out makes it fun and engaging to read. And yet the words themselves are just this side of bittersweet.


Please stop by their galleries and take a look!

If you know of one you think deserves some spotlight, let me know via note.


Inspiring Talent

Each week I will be featuring a few artists that I have taken a particular shine to. Some may be well known, others, more obscure. This week highlights Wonderland.

Shh... hark do you hear? The sounds of strangeness, the laughter of the mad, the clink of chipped china. Join me as we travel along the paths of the weird, and wondrous Underland. A place I hold dear, and would willing go if only I could find that magical White Rabbit's hole, or Looking Glass...


A World of My Own by Queen-Kitty
A World of My Own
As she looks around, the expression upon the model's face perfectly displays what Alice might feel when first encountering the other side of the looking glass. The tone and angle is well designed and beautifully set.


tea by eleth89
A warped table, floating tea sets, a mouse and a hare fighting over spoons, and over seeing it all? That delightfully Mad Hatter. Out of every delightful and wonky gem in this picture, it is Alice's expression that takes the tea cake!


The Jabberwocky Page 8 Spread by EranFolio
The Jabberwocky Page 8 Spread
Brilliantly crafted, the black and white shadow-like cutout forms captures the wicked wonder of the Jabberwocky poem, and still manages to instill that fear of the creature.

Please stop by their galleries and take a look!

If you know of one you think deserves some spotlight, let me know via note.


Prompts of the Week


Each week you will find new and fun prompts to work with listed here. Whether it be Literature or Art, everyone can use a little extra inspiration.
If you use a prompt, let me know, and I will feature in my journal on Saturday.

:bulletblue: Lemonade
:bulletblue: Fireworks
:bulletblue: Sand and sun
:bulletblue:Summer Fling
:bulletblue: Heat

If you have a suggestion, just note me!!


DLR Poetry Suggestion Guidelines


I am currently one of the POETRY administrators for LitRecognition

Please remember that a deviant an only be featured ONCE a month.

My Personal Guidelines

:bulletpurple: I only take POETRY suggestions- up to 2 in 1 note
:bulletpurple: The deviation must be well written- ie: correct grammar/spelling, and if punctuation is used- it must be properly done.
:bulletpurple: Mature content is more than welcome. However, please make sure it is marked, and complies with DA's TOS
:bulletpurple: I prefer poems with soul. Emotional, dark and strange are my forte.

DLR Offical Rules

:bulletblue: Suggestions are to be sent to me via note
:bulletblue: Don't send your suggestions to more than one admin.
:bulletblue: Include a link or thumb to your suggestions, and a brief description on why it should be a DLR.
:bulletblue: Self-suggestions are always welcome!!
:bulletblue: I will accept any form of poetry.
:bulletblue: I accept all genres as well


Riddle Me This
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Faded2Indie ID15 by Faded2Indie
Excuse the mess... under construction.

JellyFish.Tank.innocencedied2nite by thetauche

"Tell Me Why" Three Days Grace

Inspiring Writers and Artists Vol 6

Fri Jul 3, 2015, 8:49 PM

Watch It Burn by Junryou-na-Kokoro


DA has so many wonderfully talented writers and artists in the community. Some are well known, others not so much. Each week, I feature several on my front page boxes, hoping they can bask in the glow of the spotlight for a bit. The topics and genres vary, but each are gems in their own right.

This is a Special Double Edition featuring Love and Heartbreak.

Love, often times in life, is synonymous with Heartbreak. The wondrous feelings of falling in love and the extreme pain of trying to let go provides a roller coaster ride most will experience. It is the lifeblood of classic written works, and the foundations of great artists throughout history. Such emotions know no confines, care not for class and sex distinctions and linger even past the grasp of Death. We revolve in a cyclone of love, lust, affection, hatred, sadness and pain...otherwise known as life. Embrace it as these writers and artists have, if you can.


CinderellaThey found her slipper upon the ground
Her body lay before it
The golden locks of curl fell down
Shes now sleeping in the forest
Thistles and thorns surround her gown
Once royal blue had now turned brown
The sun was rising in the distance
But still she did not stir
It was a warm winter day
But she was very very cold
She did not move, she did not breathe
At all that whole sad day
The prince arrived
With his horse at his side
To announce the heartbreaking news
Surrounding the princess full of cinders
They bowed their heads to say
“A fairytale, is just a tale when you stay too late
But she will have it all her life because that was her last night”
Walk AwayThe power came to me when I walked away.  
I have left you with a million questions,
but not one reason to question where I was going,
or if I will ever return.  
Yeah, I wonder where you are..
but I do not think about the person you were to me.  
I do not think of you with regret.
I do not think of you much at all.  
My existence without you has become the rest of my life.  
You think it was easy,
to forget everything you put inside of me?
the good and the bad still lingers.
day 17: lostsometimes i remember you.
i have learned to be hollow
to avoid the pain,
but what happened to
us, late night calls,
and 2am coffeestains
that smelled of saltwater
smudged with laughter, and relief
in the shapes of our fingerprints?
you may have forgotten that
i used to trust you with my
life. you may have forgotten
that you saved me,
because we turned into words
choked out because you
never wanted them inside
you in the first place,
into misunderstandings
and distrust. we exchanged
our favorite colors.
you are now my vermillion,
but a violent shade of beautiful,
hating me with bitter passion,
me, your numb grey, but never
rising from the shadows, like
you would have wanted for me,
back then. our then shining
eyes are now shattered glass,
transparent, afraid, unsure,
and only when i see you looking
back at me do i know that you
still remember, not me, but us.
i know that i was impossible,
exasperating, insufferably
annoying at times, but no
Past. Present. Future.The paths we traveled that brought us here. 
Rocky, rutted trails of pain and deceit, wrought with the heartaches of life. 
Jungle mangrove swamps we plodded though to get here. 
Bleached hot sands in the desert, burned our feet and scorched our hearts.
The cliffs we plumetted from, the holes we fell into, all brought us here together. 
Together, we pave, we fill in, we make smooth. 
We pour solid, fresh concrete over uneven surfaces, we repair the past with love. 
Now we have a map, Google earth, a Garmin to show us the way. 
We have a plan.
That which brought us together will never tear us apart. 
That which brought us together, only makes us stronger. 
That which brought us together, we leave behind as we also take it with us on our journey. 
That which caused so much pain, now nurtures us. 


No GoodbyesJust stop.
I don't want to hear
I don't want to hear
Other than the sound of your breathing next to me
As we lay
I don't want to hear
Your sorry excuses for not loving me
Lie to me
That's all I want you to do
Don't say that I'll find someone else
Some one better
Because you're the one I dream about
You're my love
I don't want to hear
No goodbyes
I Want To BreatheWhen he came home that night, tittering about exaggeration with a partial stutter in his voice, I knew he wouldn't make it past six months. What I didn't know is how he'd prove me wrong and live two more years. Hope left mile-long stories on his face, and every time he got a new test result back he made me wish for one more day.
It was three-forty eight when I watched them roll his half full-of-life body into the ambulance, the wheels groaning with each shift in the concrete terrain. I botched my small steps and ended up tripping over every word he mumbled. Even with heavy anesthesia from earlier that morning, he still managed bisected jokes that made me smile.
I tried not to picture the ambulance racing down overcast streets or hear the fake it's going to be okay voices from the EMTs. He squeezed my arm and I remembered the first hospital run, the first of countless trips.
"You can't die on me."
I wanted to press my hands into him and carve out the disease as if he was on an
YellowShe is yellow
like Saturday afternoons
when I was a boy,
endless as a sky abandoned by stars
and pouring pink
over the horizon I can almost touch,
shaded and shivering,
the blurring blue windows
of passing railroad cars
I wished to press my hands against
have been replaced,
the jutting bone of her hips
fogs over
beneath my warm breath
as I draw sparkling galaxies
in her hot mist
with my fingertips.
In the summer of my youth
I laid back
in the cool green grass,
felt the damp stir
of each blade against my neck
but now
I tread through her meadow
and drink the dew
straight from the root,
taste her
savory sweetness
until every inch of me
is submerged
in the firm fields of her blossom
where I witness
sunflower sunrises
beyond the crest of her breasts,
rose petals
wet beneath my tongue,
stuck to the roof of my mouth
so that I can taste her
for hours after.
Autumn orange moonbeams,
starbust streamers
curl 'round her ankles
and induce my jealousy,
the atmosphere
covets her fluttering figure
Remembrance             She goes to what she thinks of as their place, that flat land of rock in the mist of a trickling stream bed. The sound of the minuscule waterfall tinkling fantasies in her head. With her knees bent and her arms crossed upon them she rests her head, and stares into the woods as if he'd come walking from a distant path. Here amongst the trees, and rocks she feels close to him. His essence floats around her taunting her with his absence.
              Everywhere she looks brings a memory of him. Playing his guitar upon the picnic bench, his devilish grin when he forgot yet another line. She smiles in remembrance when she stuck out her tongue and that naughty smirk crossed his face. She knows what that look means, it zings her insides delightfully. Her eyes alight to the incline and another memory assaults her. This time of walking hand in hand

Animated Avengers Divider (Dark) by Gasara


We do find, of course, that love is not for only lovers, and heartbreak can take many forms. The banner deviation Watch It Burn well illustrates the feeling of despair our actions can illicit.

Cupcake Joy by FoxfiresBreaking The Rules by silverbaneAres by AliceMeichi
Angels by AyumiPanda
: Naruto - Open Your Eyes : by orin
Romeo and Juliet by AF-studios
I Love My Kitty by ZaraAlfonso
D e s p a i r by BloomingRoseXeniiaThea sling by JJPhotography


Please stop by their galleries and take a look at what else they have to offer.
My thanks to the lovely writers and artists who have provided us with such gems. And thank you to everyone who continues to support this series.
If you know of someone who deserves the spotlight, please let me know!

Next Issue: Fantasy: Angels and Demons

Skin by Dan Leveille
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Long Button: Please Do Not Thank Me For The Llama by Italian-Pitbull

I Care by zakarranda

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I find it ironic that people fear Death so much, when Life is so hard to live.
Grimface242 has hung up his heart. He shall henceforth be called inknalcohol 

Please stop by his page and thank him for all his hard work!

drink up me hearties by SabrinaCichyDrink up, me hearties!

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Deviants Open For Commissions And In Need

:heart:B/W Ani : OPEN - Button by Drache-Lehre:heart:


Money/PayPal Only

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Wonderland Happenings


Community Happenings

So many things to see, read, get involved in. Check out some of these.



There are many many more out there. Look around your groups, your friends and the daily Journal Portal for more. Have one you want mentioned? Let me know!




If you know of one that should be on the list, please leave me a comment, or note. I'll add them.

Huge Hearts and Helping Hands


Tender-Heart by KmyGraphic

Beautiful deviants around the site who are always there with a kind word, and a helping hand. They are true gems.



Jenene is one of DeviantArt's finest. I have known her for years now, and even when her world is at its darkest, she never fails to display a giving spirit, loving words and beautiful talent. I have been privileged to know her, and hope to continue far into the future.


Toxic is an absolute sweetie. She is kind, loving and supportive with words and actions. I haven't known her long in actuality, but I have discovered she is a wonderful hidden gem here on DA.



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